City Tower: 1.7 m (5.6 ft.) | HC5s Tower: 2.10 m (6.9 ft.)

The MRT189 topless tower crane guarantees easy, safe and comfortable access to all main systems: winches, pulleys, electrical cabin, and safety devices

The MRT189, available with a max jib of 65m in two versions with respective maximum capacities of 10000 kg and 8000 kg, is currently the best representation of capacity for product innovation and can be installed in a city version -using a city tower section- or in a climbing version with both available for installation on an embedded element, a fixed cross base, or a traveling cross base. Simultaneously, the MRT189 meets customer needs in terms of fast and safe assembly, high reliability and easy maintenance, large load capacity, and straightforward user experience. The MRT189 has one of the best load curves in its category, especially for the tip load at 65m – 2285kg with ultra lift mode – this allows for high productivity and increased economical returns in a shorter period of time

Crane Specifications

Technical Data Standard Metric Imperial
Max Hook Height EN14439.C25 45.1 m 147.96 ft.
FEM 1.001 45.1 m 147.96 ft
Max Lifting Capacity 10 t 22046.2 lb
Max Radius 65 m 213.25 ft
Lifting Capacity At Max Radius 2.20 t 4850 lb
Lines 2/4
Hoist Gear 45 kW 60 hp
Slewing Gear 2 4 kW 5.5 hp
Trolley Travel Gear 5.5 kW 7.5 hp

Product Schematic

Crane Locations