Raimondi Cranes SpA, established in 1863, together with the manufacturer’s exclusive French agent, GP MAT International, have erected a MRT223 tower crane onsite at JDL MED 2016 at Stand A12.

Headed by President Frank Torchard, GP MAT International (GP MAT), was founded in 1994 and services France’s market from its Le Bignon headquarters, situated to the south of Nantes in western France. “As active members of the French construction community for nearly 25 years, GP MAT is proud to participate in this important B2B event that brings together sector influencers from across Europe. Joining me at JDL MED 2016 will be several GP MAT executives, as well as executive representatives from Raimondi’s Italian headquarters, including Technical Director Eng. Domenico Ciano who will be liaising onsite with industry professionals on behalf of the manufacturer,” said Torchard during the crane erection in Marseille.


The Raimondi MRT223 equipped with elevator at JDL MED 2016 in Marseille, France.

“We, together with our valued partners at GP Mat, opted to showcase the MRT223 due to the crane’s popularity in France. Referencing our historical sales data, approximately 30 percent of all delivered MRT223s went to the French market. Equipped with a 70 meter jib, the MRT223 is an easily-transported Raimondi flattop tower crane with a maximum capacity of 12 tonnes and a maximum tip load of 1.7 tonnes. The crane’s specifications include eight different jib length configurations – ranging from 70 meters to 33 meters – paired with four different hoist winches available at different load capacities and powers ranging from 60hp (45kW) to 100hp (75kW),” explained Ciano.

He added that the MRT223 may be installed on a plith or on a fixed/travelling cross base, and has been made available in two versatile models: the city version with a 1.7 meter mast section and a maximum freestanding height of 43.6 meters, and the climbing version with a 2.1 meter mast section and a maximum freestanding height of 61 meters. “The extreme flexibility of the MRT223 allows it to meets the needs of a wide variety of customers – from conglomerate construction companies to SME-sized construction ventures. Currently, Raimondi clients are using this model on jobsites that vary extremely, some for infrastructure while others for developing skyscrapers. The MRT223 is well-purposed for both tall buildings, at more than 220 meters in height, as well as European residential or commercial buildings at average heights of approximately 35 meters or less.”

According to the organizers, JDL MED is the third-ranked European trade fair and looks to attract nearly 15,000 professional visitors from the construction industry over the course of three days. Staged at the Marseille Chanot Exhibition and Convention Centre, this year’s event takes place over 40,000 sq. m., and boasts nearly €70 million in signed orders at JDL MED 2014

The view from the MRT223 jib at JDL MED 2016 in Marseille, France
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