Strictly Cranes dismantles Raimondi MRT294 topless tower crane in Australia

Strictly Cranes, official Raimondi agent based in New South Wales, dismantled a topless tower MRT294 in Strathfield, Australia. Owned by ARM Holdings, with a 50 meter jib length at an height of 59.6 meters, the MRT294 was operational on the mixed use development since February 2015. The crane’s location spanned two stages of the project, with the dismantle shown here occurring during stage two. Strictly Cranes provided a team of six members, including technicians and a lead rigger, to complete the full dismantle operation in seven hours using a 250 tonne mobile crane.

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Strictly Cranes dismantles Raimondi LR213 at working height of 100 meters in Australia

Strictly Cranes, official Raimondi agent since 2013, dismantled a Raimondi LR213 luffing jib crane at a working height of 100 meters in Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia. Originally commissioned for a timeline of two years, the developer-builder completed the ambitious project in just 12 months. “The 23-level structure, by our client ALAND, was ahead of completion schedule; it was an efficient and smoothly-executed operation. Strictly Cranes supported the jobsite with six team members for the crane’s dismantle,” said Ramey Alkhoshaibi, founder and Commercial Director, Strictly Cranes. “We had a Lead Rigger and Lead Technician, as well as two riggers and a Dogman, all overseen by the company’s Operations Manager onsite.”

Strictly Cranes was able to dismantle the entire 100 meter-high luffer, as well as the 30 meter jib, in just one day using a 350 tonne mobile crane. The same mobile crane was then downsized the following day and employed to load up 16 trailers. “It is rare to see cranes go down from such a high height. By comparison, cranes working at a much lower height often take two days to dismantle and an additional day of loading and removal.” The Raimondi LR213 was chosen for this project as it has a high freestand with the additional booster tower, thereby allowing for minimal climbing and bracing of the crane to the building.

During the LR213 erection procedure onsite in Liverpool

Purchased by ALAND last year, the luffing LR213 will now be undergoing on-ground mechanical and electrical maintenance assessments ahead of its placement on the next jobsite that the developer has planned at the end of this year, to be supported by Strictly Cranes.  As part of its full-circle heavy lifting offering, Strictly Cranes also provided the lifting gear: Boscaro brick cage, kibble, man box and first aid cage, heavy duty lifting chains for the precast panels, and the general quarterly maintenance and 24/7 call out for immediate service needs throughout the project’s duration.

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Official Raimondi agent Strictly Cranes erects Raimondi MRT144 as part of Crane Management Program

Official Raimondi Cranes agent Strictly Cranes erected a Raimondi topless tower 8-tonne MRT144 in West Ryde, New South Wales, Australia. The MRT144, installed in one day, is currently onsite and assisting in the build of a residential development.

“The project is an eight-floor plus ground building. This is one of our many clients under our Crane Management Program that we’ve undertaken for tower cranes that we have previously sold,” said Ramey Alkhoshaibi, founder and Commercial Director, Strictly Cranes. “In this specific case, we handled the project allocation and installation of the crane along with the commissioning and ongoing services. The MRT144 was sold to one of our very first clients in 2013, and we continue to work closely with them by helping to relocate their crane on suitable jobsites whenever it is not in use for their own projects.”

The 8-tonne Raimondi topless tower MRT144 during erection in West Ryde, New South Wales, Australia

Strictly Cranes executes a Crane Management Program that allows clients to generate rental revenue from Raimondi cranes purchased in the past. The two-year old program, incredibly successful to date, bolsters growth in the local construction sector and allows heavy lifting machinery to be utilized to its full potential.

“Preventing disuse is an important factor when it comes to investing in quality heavy lifting machinery,” Alkhoshaibi added. “Once a client is finished at a jobsite and their crane needs to be decommissioned and removed off their site, they would rather have it out working and bringing in rental income than sitting in the yard. This is where we come in.”

As part of the Crane Management Program, Strictly Cranes sources jobsites for previously sold cranes and then handles the entire rental process including installation, maintenance, and dismantle.

Strictly Crane’s Crane Management Program bolsters growth in the local construction sector and allows heavy lifting machinery to be utilized to its full potential

“We consider ourselves part of the construction community here in the area, and we’re more than happy to help our clients generate return on investment through our program.” explained Alkhoshaibi. “As Raimondi’s agent in much of the country, we continue to provide parts and service to rental fleets that include the company’s tower and luffing cranes.”

Based in New South Wales, Australia, Strictly Cranes was founded in 2013 and quickly established its official agency of Italian manufacturers Raimondi Cranes and Boscaro accessories. Both companies enjoy strong on the ground visibility and jobsite prominence due to the volume of projects Strictly Cranes is engaged with across a variety of capacities.

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Strictly Cranes sells new Raimondi cranes to various clients across Sydney

Strictly Cranes of Australia, official Raimondi Cranes agent based in New South Wales, has sold four new Raimondi models to various fleet rental companies and developers. In addition, two new cranes have been ordered by Strictly Cranes to add to their existing fleet. “The six new cranes, four 10-tonne MRT152s and two 10-tonne MRT159s, bring our total volume of models ordered from Raimondi to 80 cranes. Our company’s success has a lot to do with our partners – repeat clients who continue to trust Strictly Cranes to deliver excellence across service, after sales care and onsite assistance wherever and whenever we are needed,” said Ramey Alkhoshaibi, founder and Commercial Director, Strictly Cranes.

Two of the new Raimondi cranes have been added to the Strictly Cranes fleet

Developers in Australia are increasingly shifting to heavier lifting cranes due to their versatility of use on jobsites ranging from high level residential and commercial buildings to lower level, fewer storied, apartment blocks. “These 10 tonne tower cranes are great for utility, hence increasing return on investment for our clients,” he continued. Alkhoshaibi elaborated that “the city tower size, being only 1.5 meters, allows for much more onsite accessibility. The positioning of such a compact tower maximizes jib radius while presenting the contractors with more options in terms of how and where the cranes can be put to work.”

Strictly Cranes is based in New South Wales

“The competitive pricing for a premiere European crane manufactured, end-to-end, with a quality material sourcing trail is an added-value for our customers – we know exactly what we’re selling. It’s worth pointing out that our clients were pleased that Raimondi was able to expedite these shipments to meet their aggressive building timelines. The cranes were ordered mid-December and Raimondi was able to deliver promptly, despite the holiday season. Strictly Cranes is proud to represent a brand that exceeds client shipment expectations.”

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Strictly Cranes erects three new Raimondi tower cranes at Sydney waterfront development

Strictly Cranes Pty Ltd (Strictly Cranes), official Raimondi Cranes agent based in New South Wales, Australia, has sold three new Raimondi tower cranes to residential builder-developer Piety THP. The two MRT159s, with 1.7 meter masts, and the 10 tonne MRT152 with a standard mast section, are scheduled to be onsite and operational for a period of three years. “Our relationship with Piety stems from our competitive pricing and guaranteed high level of client servicing. Based on our business background in the construction industry, Piety was able to determine us as the best fit partnership,” explained Ramey Alkhoshaibi, founder and Commercial Director, Strictly Cranes.

“We recommended the Raimondi MRT159s for this jobsite as this tower crane can be climbed to heights that other heavy lifting machinery can’t. This particular model’s lifting capacity is exceptional and makes it a major asset onsite at large-scale developments,” he explained. Another deciding factor was that the configuration of this crane was deemed advantageous because of its high freestand, and that it can be climbed with lesser bracing to attain the highest points of 100 meters.

“With several concurrent projects, the MRT152 is versatile enough that it meets all of our client’s respective needs. On this particular jobsite, One The Waterfront, the cranes are tasked with lifting rebar, precast panels, and other site materials like timbers, formwork and scaffolding. The cranes will also hoist excavators out of the hole – and other heavy machinery as needed,” added Alkhoshaibi.

Raimondi tower crane onsite in Sydney, Australia

The three cranes were erected in one day each, with Strictly Cranes arranging technicians and riggers to erect the cranes as safely and as quickly as possible. Strictly Cranes also arranges for tier one operators and dogmen to ensure smooth operation of the crane and that respective project timelines are respected. “We do this for many of our clients, and certainly the service includes monitoring by Strictly Cranes on a 24-hour basis. We don’t just provide a crane, we provide the labor and the lifting accessories including Boscaro brick cage, manbox, kibbles for concrete together with the first aid cage as required safety site regulations.”

The total cranes onsite at One The Waterfront including two Raimondi MRT159s and one MRT152

Strictly Cranes also recently sold and will erect a Raimondi luffing jib LR213 to a height of 100 meters for developer-builder ALAND, specially configuring the crane to attain a higher freestand.

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During the erection process at One The Waterfront in Sydney