Strictly Cranes specialises in topless tower cranes, these cranes are positioned on some of the world’s most relevant jobsites. Our partner incorporates the latest in safety developments into our topless tower crane models, with a high functioning and intelligently-designed technological edge. These tower cranes are extremely versatile and conceptualised fully in-house by Raimondi, with client needs taken into consideration during R&D phase. With a diverse set of capabilities, our solution-based crane designs deliver strong return on investment.

Topless Tower Cranes

  • MRT111 Topless Crane
  • MRT-152 Topless Crane
  • MRT-36 Topless Crane
  • MRT42 Topless Crane
  • MRT48 Topless Crane
  • MRT84 Topless Crane
  • MRT159 Topless Tower Crane
  • MRT189 Topless Tower Crane
  • MRT223 Topless Tower Crane
  • MRT294 Topless Tower Crane
  • SRT85 Topless Tower Crane