The LR330 is the Raimondi flagship crane from the new luffing jib range

GR5H tower 2.1 meter width |  GR6 tower series (GR6B, GR6 and GR6L) 2.3 meter width available in different lengths for easy crane configuration

The Raimondi LR330 is the newest luffing jib crane in the range with a maximum jib length of 60 meters and a maximum capacity of 18,000 kg, with two falls and four falls configurations. At the maximum radius, it can lift 3,300 kg in Ultra-lift mode. Six different jib length configurations, from 30 meters to 60 meters, satisfy all needs in terms of specific jobsite configurations. The LR330 may be equipped with three different hoisting winches: standard installed power of 80kW or the two falls configuration with the more powerful 110kW, while the four falls configuration has an installed power of 80kW. The rope capacities are respectively: 650 meters, 1,000 meters, and 980 meters, and all winches may be equipped with a secondary emergency brake.

Crane Specifications

Technical Data Standard Metric Imperial
Main Bearing Level with Max Jib EN14439.C25 48.4 m 147.4 ft
FEM 1.00 51.4 m 156.6 ft
Max Lifting Capacity 18 t 39,683.2 lb
Max Radius 60 m 196.9 ft
Lifting Capacity At Max Radius 3.3 t 7,275.5 lb
Lines 1/2/4
Hoist Gear 80/110 kW 110/150 hp
Slewing Gear 2 7.5 kW 10 hp
Luffing Gear 75 kW 100 hp