As part of our mission to deliver superior models to market, a key production pillar of our partners is prioritising crane operator comfort and ease-of-use in all of their products. Hours of hands-on testing and an extensive crane operator feedback study have culminated in enhanced designs that facilitate productivity, while ensuring the safest possible site conditions.

Our partners have revitalised their product research and development segments. Since 2014, they have steadily increased their in-house R&D activities with a focus on intelligent design and the application of easy and safe heavy lifting machinery erections.

Topless tower cranes

We specialise in topless tower cranes and our models are positioned on some of the world’s most iconic job sites. Our range of tower cranes is extremely versatile and

conceptualised fully in-house by our partners, with the needs of our clients taken into consideration during the R&D phase.

Luffing Cranes

Our luffing jib cranes demonstrate impressive hoisting performance, flexibility, and easy maintenance. They are especially handy on job sites with hard to obtain flyover

rights.  They handle adeptly and allow for a productive and safe operational environment.

Hammerhead Cranes

Our partners have produced the best hammerhead cranes for heavy lifting in the industry for more than 150 years.